Cordura wrap with adhesive backing

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Professional grade Cordura wrapping with 3M 300LSE adhesive pre installed . comes in 8inX10in sheet

  • GRIP - Real fabric outer layer provides better grip for magazines, even when wet with water or sweat. Regular vinyl wraps become slick with moisture. TackGear Wraps will keep performing even in less ideal conditions.
  • TEXTURE AND FINISH - Authentic fabric gives gear a non shine texture. Even matte finish vinyl wraps will have a full plastic sheen to them. Fabric by its nature absorbs light and will not give off reflections.
  • CUSTOMIZATION - Make your gear unique. Whether for training, doing a timed course, or a day at the range with friends, never get your magazines and gear confused with anyone else’s!
  • PROTECTION - Provides minor protection from surface scratches.
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